• Year 11 Sport Science is a 24 credit NCEA course. It is made up of Theory and practical work. Students willbe able to relate functional anatomy to physical activities, explain how sport influences their Hauora (which includes a school camp), demonstrate a phyiscal activity and identify factors that affected their performance, demonstrate leadership skills within a team and discuss how body image is influenced by the media.

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  • This course allows you to further your knowledge in Sports Science and specifically how to improve both your own personal sporting performance and that of others. We examine why people participate in physical activity and even challenge your own ideas about the importance of fitness and exercise. Theory is mixed with practical work ensuring information is applied and given relevance to the studentÔÇÖs own requirements. If you enjoy participating in physical activity while also thinking, learning and helping others to do the same, then this course is for you .

  • This course is a development from Year 12SPS. It requires students to complete a number of modules based around biomechanics, anatomy, research into physical activity and sports performance. Students will be required to attend Year 13 Camp and will then critically evaluate the impact this had on their wellbeing. This course is fully internally assessed with the option of sitting an external scholarship exam.

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